Not Your Mompreneur

Over the last decade, there's been a massive increase of new businesses, especially a shift in e-commerce and retail. People who may not have had the opportunity before now have more ways to showcase their talents and become a business owner.

One of the biggest categories of growth is female entrepreneurs -- specifically (what's now often described as) "mompreneurs", meaning women who have started a business and are also mothers.

But this is the part that has me feeling some type of way: In my humble opinion, "mompreneur" is not an empowering word. It's patronizing. It's segregating. "How cute is the mompreneur trying to start a business between her baby's nap schedule". Really. Being taken seriously as a woman in business is tough enough. Throw in a buzzword like "mompreneur" and it all sounds like a cheap participation trophy, devaluing our worth as real entrepreneurs contributing to society. We aren't talking hobby businesses. We're talking real life revenue-building businesses that contribute to the community, to growing the economy, and creates jobs.

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Makes me wonder... My husband, who's also an entrepreneur, has never been asked how he manages being a dad and a business owner. Have you ever heard of a "dadpreneur"? I digress.


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