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Ring Sling - The Raleigh

Ring Sling - The Raleigh
Ring Sling - The Raleigh
$114.99 CAD

The Raleigh is pure class and glamour. It is named after our favourite hotel in South Beach, The Raleigh. It has a vintage charm that will make you want to wear a bright lipstick and say you’re ready for your close up. The Raleigh is complemented by dark grey rings that make the subtle grey pinstripes pop.

Ring slings are the quickest, easiest, most convenient way to wear your baby. To learn how to use them CLICK HERE. Junior Foxes 100% linen rings slings are meant to add to your wardrobe.  We want you to choose your ring sling that you want to rock for the day and build your outfit around it, because you love it THAT MUCH!


Weight: All of their ring slings hold babies from 8-35lbs.  As baby gets heavier and still wants to be held often it can get tough to carry them for very long in your arms. Their ring slings come in handy everyday for both smaller and larger babies.

Safety: With proper use their ring slings are incredibly safe. Their slings are 3rd party tested for safety and meet or exceed ASTM International safety standards. Your baby's safety is the top priority, and we are always up to date with the latest babywearing safety measures.  

Rings: All of the ring slings have smaller than average 100% aluminum rings. At 2.5" instead of 3" they fit comfortably in corsage position on your shoulder without digging in. They have been tested for safety and meet or exceed ASTM International Standards as well as for purity of metal content.  

Washing & Care: We recommend breaking your 100% linen ring sling in by washing it at least once for use. We recommend hanging or laying flat to dry but do not recommend putting it in the dryer.  We suggest putting a sock on the rings before washing to avoid scuffing the rings. You can also break your sling in by: running it through the rings (perhaps while you watch Netflix), braiding your slings and by wearing it often!

Junior Foxes makes 100% linen, tropically inspired ring slings that are handmade in Toronto.


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