Vilac Metal Water Bottle

Designer: Vilac

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This cute metal bottle will fit in any backpack. It has a flip-off plastic cap and can hold 300 ml of liquid.
Dishwasher safe.
Illustrated By Ingela P Arrhenius.

Vilac toys have the brand of the French agency ADEME that is these wooden toys are made organically They save the environment do not pollute the soil water and air do not waste energy For more than 100 years the VILAC brand has been fulfilling children's dreams The French company founded in 1911 develops and produces wooden toys for the only faith the passion of childhood Children are given a lot of toys for Christmas and birthdays most of them captivate only for a few hours because they do not arouse passion for the game love for the toy does not come true. 

Vilac wooden toys arouse passion even 50 years later when as adults you accidentally find in the attic toys that you worshiped as children suddenly it fills you with nostalgia and happiness thanks to what you once loved so much.

Product size: 16x6 cm
Age: 3+
Material: metal