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Circle of Trust

Circle of Trust is a Dutch fashion brand, founded in 2005. Every season Circle of Trust launches a women’s, men’s and girl’s collection. Our mission is to create unique collections with a strong focus on high quality. We are known for our contemporary essentials, trendy eye catchers and affordable prices. Over the last years we have established around 450 sales points across Europe and Canada. The iconic logo of Circle of Trust features four knots. Each knot is tied in with one of our brand values: accessible, fashion forward, innovative and optimistic. Through these values, we strive to develop and optimize our product journey. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, our design and production team are exploring sustainable ways to produce our products. As a brand we are aware of the way the fashion industry impacts humans and the earth alike. This drives us to do better. This year we have launched selected jeans with an “eco-washing” finishing, a washing method that requires less water and chemicals while dyeing the jeans. To further reduce waste, selected dresses in our collection are made of recycled polyester yarn. With every collection we aim to expand the use of recycled polyester to decrease our ecological footprint. We know these are small steps, but we believe that step by step, we will tie the knot and create a full circle.

Goals for 2025

Responsible supply chain Over the last fifteen years we built a trustworthy and long-term relationship with our manufacturing partners. To ensure high quality products and guarantee short delivery, we constantly optimize our supply chain. By visiting our partners overseas, building new relationships near shore and controlling working conditions, we aim to achieve an efficient, sustainable, humane and animal friendly supply chain.

Sustainable Collection

We constantly experiment with new and innovative materials, styles and cuts to create products that are unique but recognizable for the consistent Circle of Trust look.

Transparent communication

Transparency is of great important to us; by 2025 we aim to provide the consumer with a manufacturing map to expose supply chain information. This enables consumers to learn more about where and who made their products.

International growth

We have established a strong position within the Dutch market, in the future our focus will be on building international relationships with agents across the globe. To create more brand awareness, we aim to achieve several new collaborations within the coming years.

Non-toxic jeans collection

Denim is the core of our brand; therefore, our collection consists of 75% cotton. Every day we experiment using different methods to create a non-toxic and sustainable jeans collection. One of the things we do to accomplish a healthier work environment for our workers, is using less water and chemicals during the production process. We intend to use only organic cotton by 2025


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Nika Dress
$40.00 CAD $278.00 CAD
Save 50%
Marlow Wide Leg Denim
$89.00 CAD $178.00 CAD
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Erin Blouse
$20.00 CAD $138.00 CAD
Save 73%
Harper Poplin Blouse
$40.00 CAD $149.00 CAD
Save 77%
Wide Leg Pleated Trousers
$40.00 CAD $176.00 CAD
Save 73%
Olivia Knit | Vanilla Ice
$40.00 CAD $148.00 CAD
Save 76%
Save 50%
Jade Jacket | Moonstruck
$118.00 CAD $236.00 CAD