Pete Seeger Little Thinker
Pete Seeger Little Thinker

Pete Seeger Little Thinker

"Well, I have worked at many things, and my main profession is a student of American folklore, and I make my living as a banjo picker – sort of damning, in some people's opinion." – Pete Seeger's testimony before a subcommittee of the House Committee on Un-American Activities on August 18, 1955

Activist and folksinger Pete Seeger sang at innumerable gatherings large and small in support of democracy, civil rights, world peace, workers’ rights and safety, and the environment. He was also at the forefront of the Folk Revival.

It seems as if any "traditional" folk song you’re liable to hear at a protest was his – Pete Seeger either wrote it, covered it, or adapted it into a modern classic.

He protested the Vietnam War with "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" and "Bring 'Em Home."

You know that old, old traditional folk song "If I had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)"? Pete Seeger wrote it – along with Lee Hays – and it was first recorded by their band, The Weavers.

Ever hear "We Shall Overcome"? Pete Seeger – along with Frank Hamilton and Guy Carawan – adapted the song and donated the royalties from their copyright to a non-profit to support grassroots political organizing.

The real Pete Seeger inspired generations of activists and folk singers all over the world.

Now the Pete Seeger Little Thinker is an inspiring 11 inch tall plush doll.