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E B W  / /  C O N C E P T  S T O R E

EBW features one-of-a-kind local makers and internationally adored brands that share our passion for ethically made and design-focused products. We believe in supporting fellow small businesses, offering unique collections in fashion, accessories, toys, and decor. For good 'ol face-to-face customer service, visit us at 169 Roncesvalles Avenue. Or if you're close by but super busy (mum here, totally get it!), you can enjoy the ease of shopping online and picking up in store. Or if you're a lover of our shop but can't make it in, we'd love to ship the goods to you anywhere you are in the world.

F U N  +  F A S H I O N  +  F U N C T I O N

Each item is created or curated to serve a purpose: to entertain, to encourage one’s individuality, to educate, to broaden the stereotypical spectrum of blues & pinks or young & old, to inspire a well-designed, minimalistic, quality-over-quantity lifestyle.

B A L L O O N  B A R  +  W O R K S H O P S  / /  4 1 1

We're honoured to be the business of choice for Boulevard Club events, in case you've seen our balloons featured there. We love providing Pinterest-worthy selections like Geronimo 40" biodegradable latex balloons with tassels, massive organic arches in all sorts of colours and patterns, and of course we have your standard Mylar numbers + so much more. Shoot us an email if you have an event or photoshoot we can help you out with.

We host a multitude of workshops + events, from mama hangs over bath bombs to sleep consultations. To keep up with info on our next events, tune in on Instagram @earlybirdandworm or our site www.earlybirdandworm.com

Interested in hosting a workshop? We'd love to hear about it. Please email hello@earlybirdandworm.com