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Comfortable, practical, and sustainable - that is the Susukoshi brand in a nutshell.

Founded by two mothers with similar dreams and goals, Maggie and Eve co-founded the Melbourne designed brand that is successfully known to us today for their lightweight, functional, and quality baby products. Susukoshi focuses on basic seasonless apparel for babies and toddlers with design conscious materials behind every garment.

Due to their simplistic, neutral colour palette, Susukoshi products provide us with satisfying versatility, delivering both comfort and style for your baby. Here are our favourite, recently restocked Susukoshi essentials in colours from their Spring/Summer collection:

The S/S Kimono Bodysuit // Available in Brass, Coral, Natural, and Sable

S/S Kimono Bodysuit in Sable
Pictured above in Sable.

The Kimono Gown // Available in Natural

Kimono Gown in Natural
Pictured above in Natural.

The Baby Bib // Available in Brass and Pale Salmon

Baby Bib in Brass
Pictured above in Brass.

What we love about the essentials by Susukoshi is that each product can be paired together for the perfect casual outfit, day or night. Have a baby shower to attend, but you're unsure of what to get? These essentials make an amazing gift for expecting moms and even growing babies up to the age 1 so that they can grow with what they're wearing in comfort.

For more brands like Susukoshi that follow a similar philosophy of quality & comfort, you can visit us in-store during our regular hours or on our website where you can browse freely at any time, on your own time. We continue to find and source the best functional and sustainable brands and we’ll always keep you posted when we have something new! The possibilities are endless, but we got you covered.


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