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Holiday Gift Guide: The Big Kid

Holiday Gift Guide: The Big Kid

I hope you enjoyed the first of my holiday gift guides, and are ready for another one of my lists of favourite products, but this time for all the Big Kids in your life!

You may think, what does a baby store have for the big kids on my list? Well you might be surprised! Thanks to our customers, we've been able to expand our products to cater to a bigger audience, including big kids! 

The Cozy Big Kid: Matching Fleece Robes and Fleece Slippers by Hatley

Another beloved Canadian brand, Hatley is the go-to place for anything cozy and holiday themed.

Liven up their bath time routine with this cozy fleece bathrobe! Perfect for keeping them warm when they get out of the tub or for sipping hot chocolate on cool winter mornings, it can be easily paired with the matching slippers for the ultimate cozy set.

We've got lots of different patterns, so you are sure to find one that the big kid on your list will love!

P.S. They're 25% off right now!

Checkout all Hatley products here!


The Grown-Up Big Kid: Secret Agent Play Set by Plan Toys

Founded by 7 university graduates who believed in a sustainable mission, PlanToys offers toys which help develop a toddler's intellectual, physical, social and emotional skills AND are made of sustainable wooden materials.

Role play as a secret agent with this fully equipped playset that includes an ID badge, finger scanner, and more! Children can bring this set with them wherever they go, as it comes with a utility belt that can keep all gadgets safe inside!


Checkout all Pretend Play products from PlanToys here!


The Montessori Big Kid: MandaLay by Erzi 

Made in Germany, Erzi's high-grade wooden toys are manufactured exclusively from FSC certified materials, warranting sustainable forest management! 

Included in the set is a brightly coloured play mat designed with a fine network of lines to facilitate even positioning. The cute figures simply fire the imagination when it comes to creating fantastic playscapes while stimulating enthusiasm applied to artistic creativity and unleashing free-play resources.

Checkout all Erzi products here!


The Big Kid Show Stopper: Cathedral Building Blocks

The price of this guy may make you flinch at first, but I'm telling you, the quality of this building block set is unmatched. 

Made by 3rd generation, Russian carpenters, each and every wooden block is hand carved and painted with a water-based paint.

Part of their Slavic Fairytale collection, these blocks celebrate the shapely onion domes of Slavic architecture as well as its traditions and handicrafts. This set was specifically inspired by the architecture of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Tchaikovsky's music and illustrations from Slavic fairy tales.

Checkout all Raduga Grez products here!


I mean the list could go on and on about what my favourite pieces in this store are, but I'm sure time is of the essence for you, so close to the holidays.

If you want more inspiration, please checkout our Instagram for daily inspo leading up to the holidays!






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