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Holiday Gift Guide: The Baby

Holiday Gift Guide: The Baby

It's that time of the year again - you can't believe it's already late December and you haven't even started shopping yet. Whether your best friend just had a baby or one of your relatives just had theirs, you want a gift that is unique and will actually get used.

Well fret no more, I'm here to give some of my favourite products for all the babies in your life.

The Cozy Baby: Fleece-Lined Jumpsuits by Quincy Mae

Quincy Mae is a brand that brings you organic + ethically made baby clothing and accessories, brought to you by their sister company, Rylee & Cru.

These cozy fleece-lined jumpsuits are perfect to keep anyone's baby warm and protected against that cold Canadian winter. Made of organic cotton, these jumpsuits feel extremely soft against baby skin, there is not itch in sight! 

With 4 different patterns and colours, you are sure to find one that fits your best friend's baby aesthetic ♡

Checkout all the Quincy Mae products here!


The Messy Baby: Silicone Meal Time by Mushie

Mushie has been designing modern, sustainable products for several years now, becoming a favourite for all parents that just want an easy clean up after a messy meal time. Designed in Sweden, Mushie products feature classic patterns, capturing a look that is both timeless and elegant.

Made of silicone, their products do not retain any stains and are easy to wipe off. Their silicone bowls and plates have a suction feature so that the baby will have a tough time throwing their dinnerware on the floor.

Checkout all the Mushie products here!


The Montessori Baby: The Perfect Sorting Set by Elm + Otter

Elm + Otter is always one of the top products which I recommend for parents looking to develop their baby's gross motor skills, and other intellectual skills. Elm + Otter create and curate high quality Montessori and Waldorf-inspired children's toys. 

A modern twist on a Montessori classic, the Perfect Sorting Bowl Set features beautiful modernized colours.

Their Montessori Balls sorting set make a perfect first sorting toy! This is a set that can grow with even a very young child. Beginning with maybe only one ball and bowl to using them all at once, so many skills can be learned and reinforced with this classic toy!

What I love about their toys, is that every single one of them can also serve as an open-ended toy so their use never ends!

Checkout all the Elm+Otter products here!


The Exploring Baby: Sensory Tumbling Toys by PlanToys

Founded by 7 university graduates who believed in a sustainable mission, PlanToys offers toys which help develop a baby's intellectual, physical, social and emotional skills AND are made of sustainable wooden materials.

P.S. They're also just so cute!

Featuring smiley little faces, these tumbling buddies are here to develop a baby's basic auditory, visual and touching skills. Babies will stay intrigued with these 3 buddies all day long, giving mama some time to make herself a coffee.

Checkout all the PlanToys products here!


The Baby Show Stopper: Mountain Building Blocks by Raduga Grez

Let's be honest, there's one person on your gifting list that you just want to blow away this holiday season. Well Raduga Grez is THE company that can help you achieve that. Made by 3rd generation, Russian carpenters, each and every wooden block is hand carved and painted. 

The Mountain Building Block Set is a gorgeous open-ended toy to invite nature into someone's home and inspire a love for mother earth. Just like real mountains, this set teaches babies to think bigger.

It makes a wonderful heirloom piece to add to anyone's child's wooden toy collection.

Checkout all the Raduga Grez products here!


I mean the list could go on and on about what my favourite pieces in this store are, but I'm sure time is of the essence for you, so close to the holidays.

If you want more inspiration, please checkout our Instagram for daily inspo leading up to the holidays!






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