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Breakfast Of Champions

Breakfast Of Champions

A recipe for people who don't eat breakfast.

I'm horrible at it; my mornings usually consist of scrambling the kids together and convincing them to eat a healthy breakfast, while I chug coffee like my life depends on it (it sorta does...) and skipping the meal entirely. By noon I'm sluggish and reaching for another coffee to keep the energy going, on a rollercoaster of caffeine kicks followed by crashes, all day long.


avocado poached egg toast with pesto

Avocado toast is nothing new. 

However, topping it with a poached egg and pesto is my current go-to; I enjoy the added bonus of starting my day off feeling like I have my shit together, true or not. (On the days I'm rushing, I rub coconut oil in a mug, crack an egg in it and zap in the microwave for 30 seconds and call it done)

Protein, zinc, iron, vitamins D/B6/B12 - CHECK
Increase in energy - CHECK
Self care - CHECK

And if you want to be extra because, why not, add some smoked salmon while you're at it and feel extra good about yourself for getting in some omegas

It's all about small wins. 

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