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Keepin' It "Lite" with Native Shoes

Keepin' It "Lite" with Native Shoes

With summer just around the corner, it’s only natural to want to gear up your kids with the most sustainable, comfortable products that won’t interfere with their physical activity and play. This season, we’ve got you covered in that department with restocks of your favourite Native Shoes arriving by the truckload.

Known for their "Keep It Lite" philosophy which cohesively emphasizes a formula of environmentally-friendly materials, innovation, originality, and liteness, Native Shoes are the ideal summer footwear brand for adults and kids alike. To top off their many list of pros, the brand is also an approved vegan brand certified by PETA marking their products as "Beast Free". 

For a practical, lightweight shoe that can last with your child's play throughout the whole season (and beyond), we highly recommend The Jefferson which are available in both child and youth sizes: 

Jefferson Assorted

The Jefferson pictured above in various colours.

The Jefferson encompasses all the quality features expected from a Native shoe - they're exceptionally lightweight, shock absorbent, odor-resistant (combating those sweaty, stinky feet), and hand-washable meaning they're ideal for the splash pad and outdoor-wear. They come in an endless assortment of solid colours, though also in different, unique styles such as The Jefferson Bling and their popular glow-in-the-dark variationsThe Jefferson Glow Block and The Jefferson Glow:

Jefferson Bling

The Jefferson Bling pictured above in Sakura Red.

Jefferson Block

Jefferson Block (Glow)

The Jefferson Glow Block pictured above in Hamachi Blue/Shell White (Light vs. Dark).

Jefferson Glow

Jefferson Glow (Dark)
                                                            The Jefferson Glow pictured above in Shell White/Lavender Glow (Light vs. Dark).

The Jefferson style is not quite what you're looking for, then we have a fun alternative for your child to try out this summer - products from Native Shoes' recent collaborative collection with Sanrio!

Sanrio is a renowned Japanese company that focuses on kawaii (cute) Japanese culture with their products designed accordingly in the form of stationary, school supplies, stuffed toys, accessories, and other gift items.

The collection meshes together the most popular and functional styles from Native Shoes with exclusive Sanrio prints. As per typical Native Shoes fashion, each featured collaborative product are environmentally-friendly, lightweight, beast-free, odor-resistant, and hand-washable.

One of our favourites from the collection are The Miles Print x Sanrio which we have available in Badtz-Maru and Hello Kitty:

Badtz-MaruThe Miles Print x Sanrio pictured above in the Badtz-Maru print.

  Hello KittyThe Miles Print x Sanrio pictured above in the Hello Kitty print.

Native Shoes never fail to impress us with their focus on sustainability, practicality, and comfort, and they continue to deliver originality and innovation as made evident in every product that they design from old to new.

The styles we've just covered are only a few of the many options that we have available from Native Shoes - we've got plenty of more lightweight + practical options for you to browse through and choose from both in-store and online, along with brand new styles coming our way to keep your child geared up and extra comfortable on foot for the whole season.

As always, we'll keep you updated on all of our new arrivals, so stay tuned!


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