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Setting Goals and Improving by the Week

Setting Goals and Improving by the Week

When you've failed to meet a certain goal by the time it hits Sunday (we're human and it happens), there's always Monday waiting around the corner - it marks both a clean slate for you to use to your advantage and the beginning of a fresh, new week.

Setting up weekly goals not only allows you to recuperate and reflect on your prior week's progress, but they give you the opportunity to improve and make adjustments accordingly. By identifying the reasons why you were unable to reach your goal(s) for that week, you can strategize different ways to help strengthen your progress and achieve them faster by the following week.

Think of each week as an opportunity for growth and improvement - if the methods you use for one week aren't efficient enough to meet or exceed your expectations, there will always be a new week to restart and try again. There's no pressure.

Though it's best to keep focused when setting weekly goals, it's important to remember to give yourself credit - don't fret if your progress becomes a lengthier one because it's all a matter of trial and error! Eventually, you'll find the routines and methods that are most suitable for you and once you do, getting to your goals will be a piece of cake, an ultimate win.

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