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5 Poems That Will Help Keep You Inspired

5 Poems That Will Help Keep You Inspired

Often times, we turn to poetry to help us convey the feelings that we find difficult to express ourselves. The aesthetic qualities behind it is what tends to draw us in as readers. It's raw, intense nature allows different people to have a variety of meanings and interpretations; but most of all, it can transport us to a "new world" and inspire us in various aspects of our lives, serving as our own personal means of escapism and even a form of self-care.

So if you love and appreciate poetry as much as we do and you've got a few minutes to spare, let the following empowering poems by some of our favourite contemporary writers help uplift your spirits and take your mind off the stress!

1. From Rupi Kaur's novel, "Milk and Honey":
2. From Sasha Temerte's online journal, "Body Without Organs":
3. From Camille Yameen's novel, "The Leaving":

4. From Pavana Reddy's novel, "Rangoli":

5. Juansen Dizon's, "Flowery Human":

If these poems have moved you in any way, then we've done our part. We hope every written word has made an impact on you, big or small, so that they can remain there with you at both the brightest and darkest of hours.

Remember that indulging in the little things like poetry never hurts! We'll be here to offer you more inspiration by the week in every shape and form. 

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