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Staying "Schooled" with The Little Homie Books

Staying "Schooled" with The Little Homie Books

Creativity, community, culture, and fun - these are just a few of the unique elements that The Little Homie brand values and represents!

Founder Jessica Chiha began her journey with The Little Homie shortly after the birth of her daughter - she wanted to create a brand that could not only help her better connect with her, but could set itself a part from the typical, universal pink and blue colour palette found at local baby stores. Each product blends together her appreciation for family and Hip Hop and have since become favourites for music enthusiasts of all ages! 

We've recently restocked on their best selling hip hop books with the addition of their Rock & Roll-inspired alphabet book for children. If you're interested in boosting up your child's counting + alphabet game in a creative way, check them out below and click on the links to buy yours now!

1 2 3 with the Notorious B.I.G.: 
A counting book featuring Hip Hop artists from the past and present.

1 2 3
1 2 3

A B to Jay-Z: An alphabet book featuring a handful of the most popular artists in Hip Hop.

ABC⚡DC: An alphabet book featuring our most loved artists and bands in Rock & Roll.

You'll find that each book is easy to follow with short, simple captions and colourful illustrations that will surely keep you and your little one engaged at any time of the day.  

We hope flipping through the pages of these fun, interactive books will reignite or reinforce your love for the music whilst keeping your mini enthusiast on their toes!



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