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Plan Toys: Sustainable Play for Growing Minds

Plan Toys: Sustainable Play for Growing Minds

As your child grows, their curiosity amplifies and becomes significant in their brain development and general learning experiences; this is why finding high quality toys that foster creativity, imagination, and movement early on in their childhood is important and necessary. 

With this in mind, we'd like to introduce to you a line of fun, eco-friendly, mentally and sensory-stimulating toys that have recently made their way into our beloved shop - Plan Toys!

Founded in 1981 by a group of like-minded university graduates, the Thai-based company consists of creative, innovative toys made of natural, reclaimed rubber. Plan Toys' products encourages childhood brain development and imagination in an organic manner for an enriching learning experience. Their products are interactive, fun, and creative, generally catering to newborns and children, ages 0-3 years and up. 

We've stocked up on a handful of their best sellers that are favourited by fellow environmentally-conscious families across the globe. Here's a preview of what we have available:

Toys for ages 6 months and up:

My First Phone: helps in developing dexterity and cognitive skills.

Sensory Blocks: stimulates the senses (touching, feelings, hearing), promoting kinesthetic learning.
sensory blocks

Ramp Racer
: helps in developing hand to eye coordination.

Toys for ages 3 years and up:

Beehives: helps in developing fine motor skills by strengthening colour recognition and counting.

Balance Board: helps in developing physical strength and body control through balance.
balance board

Timber Tumble: helps in developing hand to eye coordination and strategic skills.
timber tumble
As you can see, each product by Plan Toys is sustainably designed and made with a purpose - to nurture young minds with respect to our natural resources. Through sustainable, interactive play, your child is able to develop various key learning skills while giving back to the environment and experiencing fun in a way that's fruitful and positive!

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