Tiny Twig

Tiny Twig garments are GOTS certified in recognition for meeting the highest standards, from field to finish.

Tiny Twig is a safe and natural clothing alternative forming a graceful link in the production chain of organic cotton baby clothes. A green process starting from the

Farmers →  Mills →  Manufacturers → Suppliers → Retailers/Stockists → end users and beneficiaries → healthy babies, happy parents and a greener environment.

Every garment of Tiny twig is made with love and care in factories that pay fair wages and follow ethical trade practices. The garments themselves are designed and created to be as unique and individual as your precious little baby and their durability means you can pass them on from one child to the next. And the next. When you consider that at least 10 % of all clothing manufactured ends up in landfill, this is a pretty big win for all!

Tiny Twig respects the natural order of sustainable, organic farming forging a graceful link between all stakeholders; from the farmer with his certified organic produce to the accredited factories creating bespoke garments, our loyal and educated customers to our passionate team behind the scenes. 


A source of employment, a flexible work environment and mutually beneficial partnerships resulting in a sustainable future underpins the social purpose of the Tiny Twig business. We work in collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations who share similar values of accountability, transparency and a social conscience with a commitment to climate change.


We only work with factories who are audited and certified for safe work practices. Due diligence on health and wellbeing as well as fair wages and safe working conditions are a pre requisite for all partners working with Tiny Twig.


A happy family creates a healthy community. As a source of identity and strength, financial independence is a vital resource for empowering women to participate fully in their community.

Tiny Twig encourages women to work in shifts suitable to their individual family needs thereby empowering individuals, improving living conditions and fostering community-based economic growth.


Madhu draws upon her knowledge and experience in organic chemistry as well as organisational management in looking at Tiny Twig as a model for both financial growth and the creation of social impact in the clothing market specializing in organic baby clothing.

Tiny Twig is based on the values of quality, consistency, social equity and a commitment to the future.

When you choose Tiny twig clothing, your children will feel better because their clothing won’t make them itch or feel uncomfortable. You’ll feel better too, knowing that your children won’t be in contact with dangerous chemicals. And, more importantly, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.

The garments are designed and created to be as unique and individual as your precious little baby. And their durability means you can pass them on from one child to the next. And the next…

At Tiny Twig:

  • Our famous zipsuits have their zip runner on the shoulder, not on the front where they can hurt your baby’s neck and chin.
  • Fold back mittens and foot cuffs keep your baby’s little fingers and toes warm. So your little one is snug as a bug in a rug!
  • No more bagging of the zip on the chest
  • 2 way zips make changing time a whole lot easier. Just ask the dads!
  • Eco Friendly, custom made coco shell buttons
  • Lead and Nickel free YKK snap buttons
  • Snaps tested for pulling strength

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